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Consulting is defined as " The business of giving expert opinion to other professionals." AH Culinary is here to be that expert. Whether you are bidding for new business, trying to expand your current offer, or pitching investors, we have the experts for you.​

AH Culinary has consulted on a variety of projects. Examples include assisting a multi-national corporation develop programs and bid on food service contracts in the US and in Canada and  working with a Fortune 500 company to develop recipes for their marketing effort.

If you are looking to change your operating strategy, refresh your business operations, bid on food service contracts, or are looking for the advice of seasoned hospitality professionals, please click the link below.  

Your first hour of consultation is free, while we determine the scope of your project and introduce our team.  

We look forward to working with you and your organization and hope you will select AH Culinary as your consulting partner.

Introduction and Project Discussion
1 hr
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